Athletic COVID-19 testing FAQ

Q) What is proof of vaccination?
A) Acceptable documentation for verifying vaccination status includes one of the following:

  • CDC vaccination card which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided, and date(s) administered, or a photo of the vaccination card.
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider with the information listed above.
  • State immunization information system record with the information listed above.
  • Other school immunization record system that provides the information above.


Q) Where do I show my proof of vaccination?
A) Present it to the ASB/Student Accounts secretary at the school during school hours.

Q) What sport is considered moderate and high and how often is the testing?

  Sports by Contact Level Rapid Antigen Test Frequency
Outdoor  Football  Twice a week
Indoor Cheerleading (games)  Once a week
Dance (competition) Twice a week
Volleyball Twice a week
Soccer  Once a week
Outdoor Tennis (doubles) Once a week
Indoor  Swim/Dive No Test
Outdoor Cross Country No test
Golf  No test
Tennis (singles) No test

Testing for Winter/Spring sports will be announced closer to the season.

Q) What kind of test will be offered?
A) The test is called the BinaxNow Rapid antigen test (Abbott Labs). It is a self-administered test that takes 15 minutes to process.

Q) When will the test be offered?
A) Based on the test frequency the school will set up a test schedule.

Q) Can I test my student at home and send you the results?
A) At this time all testing must be conducted at the school.

Q) What are the low contact sports and will my student-athlete need to be tested?
A) Students in low contact sports are not required to be tested. The low contact sports are identified as cross country, golf, tennis (singles), swim/dive for the fall.

Q) What happens if my student-athlete receives a positive test?
A) The school will follow district safety protocols. The student will be isolated and the family will be contacted about transportation home. The district will follow-up with quarantine communication.