Athletic Form

Athletic Package Forms in Skyward

Clover Park School District athletic forms are available in Skyward Family Access and can be filled out on the website. The physician examination form and the individual sport form must be returned to the school for registration to be complete. Please contact your school for any other requirements that your student will need to meet to become eligible.

*Important! Both Parents AND Students will need to complete their forms in order to enroll. 

  • Log into the Skyward website and click on Open Family Access (For Parents) | Open Student Access (For Students).
  • Click on Online Forms in the left-hand side menu.
    Menu location for Parents

    Location of the Online Forms link in the Parent menu
    Menu location for Students

    Student Online Forms Location
  • Click on the Fill Out Form link for Athletic Eligibility Guardians (For Parents) | Athletic Eligibility Student (For students) in the pop-up window.
    For Parents:
    Athletic Eligibilty Guardian Image
    For Students:
    Athletic Eligibilty Student Image
  • Click the Next button after you read the District Message.
  • Fill out the form then click the Complete button at the bottom for each form listed on the right.
    Complete steps one and two
  • When all of the forms are completed, click on the Submit button at the bottom.
    For Parents:
    Submit Athletic Elegibly Guardian
    For Students:
    Stubmit Athletic Eligibility Student
  • Lastly, have your student/parent complete their part of the athletic package.

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